Saturday, March 19, 2011

League of Legends

This game has kept me busy for quite some months now. Starting with the good old warcraft 3 mod DotA, Defense of the Ancients. This mod was simply brilliant in its game-play and the concept. Brilliant enough to get remade as a standalone game multiple times. Starting with Demigod which is rather unpopular compared to Heroes of Newerth. The more hyped and p2p DotA clone. But for the most played and free to play DotA clone you will have to look at League of Legends.

Before I start expanding my review I will explain how I am gonna score the games. I will not give the game a number from 1 to 10 but I will just use a positive and negative system so you can make the decision for yourself. At the top of every review, after the introduction will be the summary of the positive and negative points of the game. Which will be summarised at the summary sectino of the blog. (soon to come).

Great fast paced game-play
Quick matchmaking
No unbalanced items that you can buy with real money
Highly addictive 
Too many non-english speaking game ruiners
You can't chose to not play against/with premades
Huge balance issues 
Matchmaking can be a pain in the arse
Highly addictive
Your team will 90% of the time consist out of little kids that don't know how to play and can only flame 
Your game is too easily destroyed by other people in your team and will destroy your fun with it 

The game
When you start playing League of Legends it will ask you to do the tutorial, which is really good and will teach you the basics of the game. What I just said is only true if it would actually teach you how to play in a 3v3 or a 5v5, instead of teaching you how not to get killed by a tower in a 1v1. So expect to learn a lot more when you will be tossed into real games, with real people that might've made a second account just so they can play against other level 1's and get good scores so they can feel good for once too. Unless of course, you've played  DotA and know the drill.

You will notice that you can not play every champion you want to play but that you can play 10 free champions every week, so it is a rotation and it changes every week who you can play with. But luckily for us you can unlock the champions you like permanently with the influence points you've earned for playing a lot of games. When you lose you will get way less than when you win, so that will motivate you more to win.

So when you got used to the game and know how to play a bit it's time to start getting frustrated because of your team. I've been playing this game for quite some time, I have played over 800 games in League of Legends in total and have won around half of them. Although this game nowadays is pure frustration for me ( most of the time ) I keep playing it.. Yes I guess I am some kind of masochist. You want to know why this game is so much frustration?
Well sit tight and listen to my story.
Every game again is pure torture, because of multiple reasons. There can be some great imbalance between several classes which will make you have to play either really defensive ( meaning you will have to stay behind your tower and right click left and right just so you won't die at your tower ) or die a lot in your early game. Which can theoratically be solved by having your team helping you kill those cheeky monkeys on your lane. But that is just in theory, if you would actually type and ask for help and even add some pings ( an annoying sound with a dot with waves coming out of it on the minimap ) you would just get ignored by all the little kids in your team. If they are smart enough and learned some english at school and eventually came to your lane so you can just watch how they go in from up front and fail at getting that kill, but he will stick around after his failure so he can get profit from your exp and steal your money you can only get by last hitting creeps.

The other reason is a bit similiar as the previous reason. When you are mid, the only solo lane unless you have a jungler (champion that levels in the jungle instead of on lanes), it is most likely that your bottom and top lane will not call for miss which means they will not notify you when there are people missing on their lane and thus probably preparing a nice gank for you. So you did so well on your solo lane and got him crying behind his tower all the time and then you see 2 people showing up right next to you stunning and taunting you and there goes all your effort you put in your lane. They get the extra money and exp and all you get is frustration that your team just let you die and didn't tell you to go back because you are going to get ganked.

In other words, this game can be so annoying, irritating and frustrating when you have a team that won't communicate, because you simply can't keep buying the wards only because your team is not communicating, making you lose those little money you already have so you won't die again. You'd rather have the rich people in your team buy them, but hey they are probably really selfish and doesn't give a damn about you.. all he wants is to get some kills :)

 The game can still be a lot of fun when playing with some good people, and the game would be really great if you would have 4 other good people that you are voice chatting with.
The controls and the game mechanism work good tho but to be honest, in this game it's all about who got the less retarded team wins. 

So even though it isn't that much of fun for me I still play it almost everyday. Because it simply gives you a superior feeling when you facestomp them on a 1v2. 


  1. You should do Heroes of Newerth review too, its a great game too :)

  2. I've just recently been playing HoN.... I think i'm hooked lol

  3. I love this game
    It's totally awesome & I've been playing it for over a year now.
    I tried HoN but I don't like the flow of things